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2022 Planners and Calendars

2022 Planners and Calendars

Our 2022 Range is launching on the 28th October!!

Due to Covid-19 delays we will only have very limited stock of our 2022 range 😪 so we wanted to give you a chance to express your interested for any of our 2022 range! 

We'll email you when they're available!
October 18, 2021
Mother's Day BONUS gift

Mother's Day BONUS gift

You've been asking for some bonus pages to help you customise your Mum and Me Adventures Book... so here they are! 
May 05, 2021
✨ WIN a set of our new Flash Cards ✨

✨ WIN a set of our new Flash Cards ✨

The cat is out of the bag! Our super secret NEW product is now here and you can jump in early and win a set PLUS a memory book of your choice and a personalised Name Puzzle by One Chew Three. 

We've teamed up with One Chew Three to develop the most amazing set of Flash Cards you could ever imagine and they're available from Monday night! Plus, these amazing images have been featured in the new One Chew Three timber Name Puzzles too - which also launch on Monday. It's going to be HUGE!

To celebrate the launch, we're giving you the chance to WIN a set before they're even released! Each prize packs includes our new Alphabet + Number Flash Cards, a personalised Name Puzzle and a Blueberry Co Memory book - we'll even throw in a matching personalised bag tag too! Each prize is valued at over $150!

We can't wait to share these amazing new products with you very soon and just in time for Easter gifts. We really have squeezed so many amazing features into our Flash Cards, we know you're going to love them. 

They're available from 7pm AEST Monday 22 February (eek, we can't wait) or win one of the very first sets - just enter below! For even more chances to win, we also have a set to giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook pages too.

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February 19, 2021
Get sorted with our Back to School Pack!!

Get sorted with our Back to School Pack!!

School is almost back....
We want to make going back to school fun and EASY so we've created a super cool back to school printable pack which includes:
- My First Day 2021 milestone card
- Weekly Meal Planner
- 'Get out the Door' chores chart

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January 21, 2021
The first child was a shock… the second is pure and utter chaos

The first child was a shock… the second is pure and utter chaos

I found the first 12 months as a mum of two stressful and frankly baffling. I didn’t know her as well as I knew her big sister and I was eaten up by guilt because of it. I know why I felt that way though (not that the knowing helped with the guilt); there was no time to stare at her gorgeous face while she slept because when she was happy, I was chasing around a toddler, doing house work, preparing meals or working. My attention was always diverted so I missed critical cues of tiredness or hunger or just wanting a cuddle and she learnt to make her needs known pretty quickly (hello super loud crying!). I was also bloody exhausted, with no hope of relief.
April 01, 2019
The Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide (to keep parents happy)

The Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide (to keep parents happy)

The Toddlers years are the most important years for learning and development for your child. Their physical, emotional and cognitive development is in overdrive as they grow from a baby to a toddler. They are learning social and emotional skills, their language develops from single words to complex sentences and they use play to explore and understand the world around them. 

It can be an intense time for both parents and children, and for me, keeping busy and providing fun and flexible play options is one of the best things I can do to support my toddler’s learning and development!

By the time you’ve reached the Toddler years, you can be drowning in toys, so it’s always nice to discover new and amazing brands to support! I’ve pulled together 5 of my favourite toddler products that I love!!

My accidental home birth VBAC

My accidental home birth VBAC

My home VBAC… yep! 

Let’s get this out of the way; a homebirth was not the plan. It wasn’t even in the realm of possible outcomes for the birth of my second baby.

July 14, 2018
Insider || Mama Style Maker

Insider || Mama Style Maker

We are lucky to work with some amazingly talented people and Dana, aka @mam_style_maker, is no exception! She's a creative mama of two boys with a passion for photography AND she's a huge fan of our Monochrome Toddler Book!

She answered a few questions for me and shared photos of her Monochrome Toddler Book.

May 31, 2018

5 things I record every day about my toddler

As a parent I am often blown away by the speed at which my children reach their developmental milestones. It is astounding (and amazing) how quickly they develop from helpless newborns into opinionated toddlers! 

It all happens so quickly, I try and document all the significant changes. Here are my top 5 things to record;

Easter gift ideas without the chocolate

Easter gift ideas without the chocolate

Is your Easter all about chocolate?

If you’re looking for beautiful gifts for babies and kids, and avoiding chocolate, it can get challenging, so I’ve pulled together the best baby EASTER GIFT GUIDE!!